Training for CNA and Medical Assisting

Working as a CNA or Medical Assistant can be both rewarding and challenging.

In today's job market, the medical field is one of the few career fields that provides stability and growth. Did you know that you could be trained to work in medicine in as little as a couple of weeks? You can! One of the growing medical careers is work either as a Medical Assistant or a Certified Nursing Assistant.

What do these careers look like? CNAs and Medical Assistants work in a variety of medical settings, including doctor's offices and hospitals, working directly with patients. They serve as an important part of any medical team, and they work closely under RNs, physicians, or LPNs. A CNA or Medical Assistant is trained in all of the basics of healthcare, and they can often be found checking vital signs, administering medication, and caring for patients.

CNA programs and medical assistant programs are available throughout the US. Want to see the training options in your area? Just enter your zip code in the box, and you'll see a complete list of available training programs.

Getting started as a CNA or Medical Assistant may be easier than you think! You'll go through formal training, which involves learning how to care for patients, deal with emergencies, report status changes, and manage infection control. You could be trained in as little as three weeks if you attend full-time or as little as eight weeks if you go part-time.

A Medical Assisting career may just be the right next step for you. Whether you're looking for extra income, a new career or a way to break into the medical field, working as a CNA or Medical Assistant can be both rewarding and challenging. Start exploring your options becoming a professional today. Enter your zip code now!