Medical Assistant Salaries Going Up!

In the current job market, establishing any kind of job security can be a difficult task in many fields. Health care is one of the only sectors that is actually expanding in both job openings and investments. If you’re looking for reliable income, getting your certification as a nurse’s assistant now is a great way to break into the medical field. You’ll be able to pay off that initial investment in training school within the first few weeks of employment, and with the steadily increasing need for CNAs and other health care providers across the nation, finding a job will be a snap.

Training school costs vary, but you’ll probably spend between $400-$800 on certification, depending largely on the school you choose. Online options tend to be cheaper and allow you to work any schedule while finishing your credits. Just make sure to allot enough time to practice the things you learn, preferably under supervision in an official environment. If you really think you can’t afford tuition, don’t worry–there are other options. Some institutions that hire CNAs will agree to cover your costs if you promise to work for them after you graduate; if you’re willing to negotiate, this might be a good way for you to get your certification. There are also numerous student aid and scholarship options available from both the government and private donors.

However you decide to finance your training, the investment you make will be a worthy one. The good news is that while many industries are making pay-cuts, CNA salaries are going up; starting pay ranges from $8-11 per hour, and as you gain experience, you will be able to make as much as $15 per hour. Many employers also offer competitive overtime rates. Even at the lowest end of the pay scale, you would earn back the cost of most schools within two weeks. If for some reason you decided the nursing field wasn’t for you, you would’ve wasted very little time and incurred no financial loss; the same could not be said after graduating as a registered nurse.

On the other hand, many CNAs realize after a time that they really enjoy nursing and decide to pursue further training or even a nursing degree. Further education leads to even higher pay in a continually growing industry, and getting certified as a nurse’s assistant is one of the best ways to enter the field with virtually no risk. You have nothing to lose by investigating training schools near you or online. Don’t let yourself miss out on an opportunity for steady and rewarding employment in today’s market–find schools near you now!